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A Taste of Diversity, the Studyportals Cookbook


As a gesture to thank you for your trust, feedback, and contribution in 2020, we are very proud to present you with the Studyportals Cookbook, ‘A Taste of Diversity’. We hope you will enjoy the special family recipes and tasty local dishes from our global team.

Our aim with the cookbook is twofold:
Celebrate diversity: where is the value of diversity as apparent as in the kitchen and on our taste buds?!
Amid waves of nationalism and segregation, we double down in our conviction to the power of diversity. Working with students, partners, and colleagues from many different countries and backgrounds never ceases to be engaging, inspiring, and purposeful! Our field is more challenged, yet more important than ever!

While being apart, be together in spirit: Just like the majority of you, we all worked remotely for most of the year. From home offices across the world, our teams continued to deliver uninterrupted service to a record number of students and institutions, all contributing to our joint mission: making education choice transparent globally.

We miss our meetings, we miss a hug and a cheer, but through our kitchens, our appetites, and the stories, we can be together in spirit.

From everyone at Studyportals, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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