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Engaging students throughout the journey to enrolment


For schools who are looking to increase their visibility and connection to students, it is imperative to engage students from the start of their journeys. This student journey can last between 12 and 18 months and is the ideal time to appear on a students’ radar. In this time period, students are typically exploring their options and shortlisting which schools they will be applying to. By engaging students earlier and keeping them engaged, you can increase the chances that students will complete the application process and enroll.

​Full journey support 

Studyportals is a trusted advisor that guides students step-by-step throughout the full journey. Potential students visit Studyportals to explore their study choices, and are kept engaged through targeted banners, relevant email marketing, useful tools and information.

The platform empowers prospective students with information about their study choice options, visas and scholarships. Students can get a feel of life on campus through student reviews and by chatting to student ambassadors.  There are also valuable resources available like comparison tools and country tests to help them make the best decisions. 


Why are student ambassador programmes so powerful?

 One of the most effective tools to interact in an effective and authentic way with potential students is through the use of student ambassadors.

“We have partnered with Studyportals so that our ambassadors appear on our university pages. So, students while searching on a page and looking at a course they are interested in and would like to speak to a student, they can simply do it from the platform. This makes it easier. It’s one less step, and they can engage straight away and start having those conversations.”- Layla Melemendjian​, International Operations Manager, University of York

Student ambassador programmes complement the information coming directly from universities and increase prospective student interest while improving enrolment rates. But more often than not, student ambassadors connect to prospective students when they have already decided where and what to study. 

Many prospective students who get in touch with a schools student ambassadors, may already know the university on some level, having  visited the campus, approached a stand at a student fair or by interacted with the university’s website. But there is also a large amount of student who are still deciding what and where to study who find this information incredibly valuable.

Students can interact with ambassadors based on shared interests, geographic locations, or country of origin. This allows them to ask all of the questions best answered by a current student who most closely matches their own profile.

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