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Enhancing access to higher education for emerging markets: Studyportals Access Initiative


Around the world millions of prospective students, mostly in emerging markets, do not know or believe they have a chance to access higher education. Talented people are self-selecting out of applying to university and access to information around higher education is not equal.

For millions of prospective students – many first-generation students, those from isolated regions, or those without a support network of guidance and encouragement- online information is a lifeline.

In the week of International World Access to Higher Education Day we pre-launch the Studyportals Access Initiative dedicated to putting higher education for the emerging markets in the spotlight.

Ensuring better access to higher education is a big part of our mission and purpose at Studyportals. Although there are many structural issues affecting access, through our portals, we aim to fill the information void and confidence gap that stops students from starting their international studies. Along with purpose-built tools and resources, we’ll be focusing on sharing the stories of students from emerging markets, especially where higher education was never a given.

Giving over 50 million prospective students in 2021, transparent access to information is the way we empower the world to choose education. Our goal is to make sure no one misses out on an education opportunity due to a lack of information. The Studyportals Access Initiative builds on this mission.

The Studyportals Access Initiative puts more focus on ultra-accessible higher education that is affordable, often online, and as flexible as possible. This includes full degrees, short courses, and module-based education for emerging markets like those in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.   

It also includes building a scholarship application engine to help students navigate scholarships and financial aid.   

We are partnering and looking to partner with universities and institutions with the strategic goal of increasing access to education for emerging markets. Together we can unlock the compounding power of higher education for millions more prospective students around the world.  

By Cara Skikne, Senior Editor at Studyportals  

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