Studyportals and the need for global impact – Part 3


The entrepreneurial spirit need never be disconnected from its social and global impact. In fact, Studyportals as a company is a testament to the continuity existing between the drive for business success and what the world demands for a better future; and that it is always possible to have both at the same time. With the ripple effects caused by political change and conflict, Edwin reflected on how his observations about the world relate to his vision not only for business but for the world at large.

“I am more motivated than ever to be a counterforce. Abuse of power, intolerance, and inequality have a stronghold on society, and continue to perpetuate unnecessary divisions; and also we need to realise that “some parts of society, are not benefiting from globalisation as much as others”, he says.

Bringing Studyportals onto the world’s stage as a counterbalance to senseless conflict, the company instead enables students to find opportunities for intercultural dialogue, exchange, and contact across borders. This is a capacity, says Edwin, that will ultimately “bring our world further.”

From a historical standpoint, many agree that the world today is more interconnected and interdependent than ever was in previous generations; and, moreover, it was near impossible to have predicted the level of mobility, technological innovation, and communication channels that exist on the global scale. To offer, then, a hope or vision for what the next generation would look like, Edwin has no doubt that the world will become a more unified place.

“Technological advances,” says Edwin, “are only going to progress.”

The pervasive intolerance and unnecessary borders that surround our lives are only a small slowdown of what will ultimately become a widespread proliferation of harmony and peace.

“Studyportals is committed,” says Edwin, “to contributing to the world and making international education opportunities more accessible globally.”


Global Study Awards — recognising young leaders

In the spirit of the Studyportals mission, they have continued to inspire and encourage young students to use their international experience to shape the future and contribute to society. To keep up this mission, Studyportals introduced the Global Study Awards in Fall of 2015, alongside the British Council and the ISIC, to recognise and support international students all over the world who have committed to an international education and to making their mark on the world. With each study award having the potential to reach a value of £10,000, the idea is to give the necessary financial support and funding for every student’s educational needs. As long as students are not held back by financial or economic concerns, we’re confident that students from all over the world will be equipped to study abroad and eventually enrich their society.

Since the time this initiative began, we have given out 9 total awards to students all over the world; and we are proud to say that we are now entering the third round of applications, in the hopes of promoting even more intercultural dialogue for students all over the world. In the interest of giving back to a student community that has so inspired us to keep moving forward, we are delighted to continue awarding, recognizing, and empowering young students to never stop learning and to eventually become the next generation of leaders and, maybe, entrepreneurs.


The League of Students — a student community in action

One of the main initiatives of Studyportals is to have an active presence of students around the world and to be able to connect students across national and cultural lines. One project — The Studyportals League of Students — is a way of putting this agenda into action. In the League of Students, we have ambassadors who represent Studyportals at universities all over the world. They all share their stories and experiences, not only with one another but with the world, so that they can encourage students on every corner of the globe to pursue an international education. These students participate in activities while, at the same time, giving advice on and insights into what it is like to be a student in a new country, studying in a different setting.

Ultimately, this project allows Studyportals to give students their own voice, providing them with a space to offer their own thoughts and perspectives on studying in an international setting. Gathering concrete accounts from students about how they experience their time abroad, we get a better picture of exactly what the next generation of young thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders have to say. Moreover, with students representing not only Studyportals but also their home countries, students can demonstrate to fellow students at home and around the world the value of international education and experience. As long as this community continues to grow, so too does the ability to encourage and empower the world to choose education, one student at a time.


Are you an engaged student and does the League of Students programme appeal to you? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a student ambassador yourself! Studyportals is always looking for more contributors to increase the impact of the initiative.

Read more about the League of Students or contact the Student Ambassador Manager at Studyportals directly.

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