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Studyportals students: meet Sally


Nothing gives us more joy than helping students find their dream study. We talked to one of the students we recently helped navigate the hundreds of thousands of options available for students who want to study abroad. Meet Sally:

At the beginning, I just didn’t know where to focus where to focus my research. Studyportals did the rest of the work for me, and I was able to go from there. It was amazing, there were so many programmes that I could choose from.

Unfortunately, many students face the same issues: they are not sure which options are available and quite overwhelmed by a large amount of unstructured information they can find on university websites. This is where Studyportals steps in; our goal is to create the best platform for students to find and compare their global education options.

I was just wandering around in my search engine, completely confused, and Studyportals was a way of sorting it out and making my searches much more meaningful.

At Studyportals, we continuously try to help and encourage students in finding the best programme that perfectly matches their interests and personalities. We realized that finding the best study choice can be a time consuming and difficult process, and therefore we always strive to help students in making this decision easier.

Sally used Studyportals as a guiding light in a sea of information. She even recommended Studyportals to her brothers!

Do you recognize yourself in Sally’s story? That’s why we’re here. With over 2,000 universities of around the world participating on our platforms, we have a huge collection of courses students can choose from to find the perfect study programme.

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