What are the Global Student Satisfaction Awards?

Our initiative, the Global Student Satisfaction Awards, aims to make education transparent for all students worldwide! By asking current students and recent graduates to evaluate their universities, we can determine the best international universities for students to attend.

Why is this significant for universities?

Besides giving alumni a way of helping the next generation of students, this project was also driven by the need to bridge the gap between universities and students. These honest reviews will help not only future students, but also the institutions receiving them.

This way, we will manage to show exactly what universities should work on improving and what are their stronger points. The most outstanding universities will earn their medals of trust directly from the students to whom they have catered to. And, with the help of these medals of trust, we can set an international indicator of what it means for a higher education institution to be of quality for its students.

Why is this significant for students?

Currently, there are 5,000,000 international students who are facing the usual challenges: where to go, how to choose their future, how to afford their education, and more. There are 1 billion students that have a need for higher education, but currently no access. Unfortunately, lack of information and confidence plays a big role in this.

This feedback will impact the students in a truly significant way, ensuring their ears of studies will be the best of their lives. The Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 will keep its promise of making education transparent, globally, democratize information and give students a voice.

Why is this significant for education?

Because we know that change starts with information being available worldwide, we will use all the reviews to issue a Global Student Satisfaction Report. The Global Student Satisfaction Report, delivered by Studyportals will be made public, available for all institutions and the education industry, at large This report is the latest one issued by Studyportals, representing the sixth year we kept international education transparent. Since 2014, our dedication only got stronger, and we are committed to making access to knowledge as easy as possible.

What are the awarded categories?

Students can determine which institutions have made their mark in the world of higher education in 7 categories: Overall Satisfaction, Student-Teacher Interaction, Quality of Student Life, Career Development, Student Diversity, Admission Process, and Online Classroom Experience.

We will award one university per category.

What are the additional benefits of participating?

A badge of trust will be given to the best universities (visual below). Displaying these badges on their portal page allows them to stand out and show prospective students that they respect student opinions. We will give a badge of trust in each category to those participant universities scoring above 4.0 (out of 5).

How can Universities participate?

Universities need to have at least 10 reviews of enrolled students or fresh alumni. Studyportals will provide you with a kit to help you advertise the student reviews via your social media channels and email. For more information to receive your kit, please follow this link.

Any important dates?

  • During the months of September and October, we will also be holding a series of satellite events for you to attend. Information on these events will follow shortly.
  • On October 18, 2023, the virtual ceremony will take place.
  • The deadline to qualify and collect reviews is August 1st 2023

Where can I find more information about the reviews?

More information can be found here https://www.studyportals.com/faq-student-reviews/