Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 will award universities for excellence in the following categories:

Overall satisfaction

  • Question asked to students: "How would you rate your overall study experience?"

Student-teacher interaction

  • Question asked to students: "How helpful, engaged and interested were your teachers with you? How easy was it for you to interact with them, during or after class?"

Quality of student life

  • Question asked to students: "How was your everyday life? Especially when thinking about the city where you lived, did it satisfy your needs and expectations?"

Career development

  • Question asked to students: "Did the university provide support for your career development (E.g. extracurricular courses, workshops and conferences, help in finding internships)?"

Student diversity

  • Question asked to students: "How diverse/friendly was the atmosphere at your university (E.g. different countries, cultures, religions, age, gender, special needs, etc.)?"

Admission process

  • Question asked to students: "How simple was it to apply to your programme? Was the information that you found on the website clear enough? Did you get support from the university staff?"

Online classroom experience

  • Question asked to students: "How is the experience of online courses?"

* All Studyportals questions are based on star ratings (1 to 5).