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The 2019 Global Student Satisfaction Awards are a joint project by Studyportals, IELTS, Shorelight and US News Global Education with the Media support of the Pie News.

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The Global Student Satisfaction Awards empower students across the globe to determine the best universities in 2019. It is an open call to both students and universities to contribute to the transparency of study choice, and to the quality of education worldwide. 

Studyportals is inviting students to review their study programme and share their study-abroad experiences. In this way, we aim to give recognition to the best educators and award those universities which have achieved the highest student satisfaction ratings.

Give the gift of education

Amplify your university's voice

Your alumni are your best ambassadors. Let them be the voice of your university through sharing their earnest experience

Global recognition

Get a worldwide recognition for your education quality. The Awards’ winners will be officially announced during the annual NAFSA conference

The right-profile students

Students look for the right fit. Showcase the impact of your university on the life and careers of your student community  

About the Awards

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How to participate

The Students Satisfaction Awards are review-based. To participate, you need to collect a minimum of 10 reviews submitted by currently enrolled students or your alumni. 

  • Collect at least 10 reviews before March 31 to participate in this edition 
  • Reach them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or your newsletter with our ready-to-share posts
  • Encourage your student community to review their study experience at your university

An all-student jury

Participate in the only student-powered global university ranking, no matter the size or history of your institution

  • Download the participant medals and add it to your website or email
  • Get shortlisted for the Award Ceremony to be held during NAFSA 2019

For every four new study experiences collected for the award, Studyportals donates a book to Knowledge for Children - an organisation providing quality education for children in the rural areas of Africa.

Take part

Real stories have never been more important for prospective students. Collect reviews from your student community to help future students make better choices about their education.

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2019 Award Ceremony

United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC 

May 29th, 2019  

The winners and the results of the global student satisfaction survey were announced during the annual NAFSA 2019 conference.

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