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The Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 highlight the global and regional trends in what students value the most in education.

Students have the possibility of rating their universities on a scale from from 1 to 5 across seven aspects of their study experience.

All participating universities which score above 4 receive a medal of satisfaction.

The medals signal to all future students that these universities will look after their dreams and future.

Empower students to recognise the best educators 

The 2023 Global Student Satisfaction Awards are a project by Studyportals created with support from Unibuddy.

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Overall satisfaction

How would you rate your overall study experience?

Student-teacher interaction

How helpful, engaged and interested were your teachers with you?

Quality of student life

How was your everyday life? Especially when thinking about the city where you lived, did it satisfy your needs and expectations?

Career development

Did the university provide support for your career development?

Student diversity

How diverse/friendly was the atmosphere at your university?

Admission process

How simple was it to apply to your programme? Was the information you found on the website clear enough?

Online classroom experience

How is the experience of online courses?

Amplify your university's voice

Your alumni are your best ambassadors. The medals are based on the voices of your students, who are sharing their earnest experiences.

Global recognition

Get the world to recognise the quality of your education and establish yourself as a leader in the field.

The best-fitting students

Students look for the right university for them. By showcasing the medals, you signal to them where you excel and what impact you will have on their study experience and aspirations.

About the Awards

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Display your digital medals proudly 

An all-student jury

The medals are student-powered and are given to the best universities according to them, no matter the size or history of your institution.

Real stories have never been more important for prospective students. Feature your medals on your university page to inspire the next generation of international students.

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The Global Student Satisfaction Awards empower students across the globe to determine the best universities of 2023. It is an open call to both students and universities to contribute to the transparency of study choice, and the quality of education worldwide.

Studyportals is inviting students to review their study programme and share their abroad experiences. In this way, we aim to give recognition to the best educators and award those universities which have achieved the highest student satisfaction ratings.

Student Survey

2021 Global Student Satisfaction Awards

Give the gift of education

For every review collected for the awards, Studyportals will donate a brick to help Knowledge for Children build a school. Knowledge for Children is an organisation providing quality education for children in the rural areas of Africa.  

Take part

How To 


The Global Student Satisfaction Awards are review-based. To participate, you need to collect a minimum of 30 reviews submitted by currently enrolled students or your recent alumni. 


Your institution is one of the 3,610 universities with English-taught programmes.

Your institution has collected a minimum of 30 reviews from current students or recent alumni.







Looking Back : 2021Award Ceremony

Digital Ceremony

October 18, 2023

Our last edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards was hosted digitally as we welcomed visitors from around the globe. Here you can look back on what the ceremony was like in 2021.

New this year: Downloadable content toolkit

What's inside? Ready to use content for social media, email, and more to reach out to your students and encourage them to submit a review for your school! 


2023 Awards Ceremony

More details coming soon!