Cara Skikne
2 years ago

Diversifying Student Recruitment – Asia focus


[REPORT] In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the world of international education has had to face an indisputable truth: global student mobility is massively influenced by one country, China, which has been the world’s largest sending country of international students for the past thirty years.

Overall, there is no one country that can fully replace China in terms of international student recruitment for years to come, with the countries in this report barely able to sum up to a similar level of outbound students as China. And yet, that does not mean universities should not try to attempt to diminish their risk of overdependence on one country and add a greater mix of countries to their student population.

Finding a new frontier for international student recruitment requires a more varied strategy. When selecting the right mix of countries for the future it is important to keep a balance between growth perspectives, cost reduction, and risk mitigation: a diversification strategy.

The countries in this report have been chosen based on their booming demographics and
following recommendations from industry experts. This is not to say that they will not be
impacted by the global COVID 19 pandemic but can prove a useful resource in better
understanding potential countries for expanding international student diversity.

‘Overall this is a very strong read and will be of material benefit for Educational Leaders who are having to strategise and plan in this ever-changing environment.’

Andrew Disbury, Independent consultant

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