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Recruitment strategies for U.S.


Future-proof International Student Recruitment Strategies for U.S. higher education

[WEBINAR] American higher education is entering a new era of intensified competition. For the first time in more than a decade, new international student enrolment at U.S. universities and colleges has declined. A variety of megatrends indicate that the next decade is likely to become even more competitive and disruptive for recruiting international students.

Despite the challenges, American higher education institutions have a significant opportunity and capacity to grow international student enrolment. International students comprise of only 5% in the total tertiary enrolment in the U.S. as compared to 18% for the U.K., 15% for Australia, 11% for Canada (OECD, 2017).

During an interactive discussion hosted by Studyportals, an expert panel of university leaders discussed how U.S. higher education institutions can maximize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of growing and diversifying international enrolment.


Webinar Panelists - University Leaders

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