Carmen Neghina
7 years ago

Studyportals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2015 – Czech Republic


Studyportals would like to congratulate all universities and universities of applied sciences that won an award. Unlike university rankings, Studyportals’ International Student Satisfaction Awards are based on thousands of reviews and opinions from international students in Europe. Among the Czech universities that received sufficient reviews of international students to be eligible for the 2015 International Student Satisfaction Awards, a total of 5 universities received ratings ranging from “Very good” (at least 8 out of 10) to “Excellent” (at least 9 out of 10).  A total of 233 international students reviewed their study experience in Czech Republic. On average, universities in Czech Republic received a score of 8.77, ranking 9th in this year’s awards session.

Two universities were awarded the Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award 2015: the Czech Technical University and Masaryk University, and three more received the Very Good International Student Satisfaction Award 2015 (in alphabetical order):

  • Charles University
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • University of Economics in Prague

StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2015 – Czech Republic

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