Carmen Neghina
7 years ago

Routes to higher education


[REPORT] The global shape of pathway programmes: A $1.4 billion market on the rise.

Do the terms ‘foundation,’ ‘pathways,’ ‘into’, ‘pre-bachelors’ or  ‘pre-masters’ sound familiar? If the answer is no,  we really wouldn’t be surprised. This booming new market has only been around for maybe a decade, yet it’s already leaving its mark on international education.  Our latest research estimates the market to have already reached $1.4 billion by 2016 with no signs of slowing down in the coming years.

Routes to higher education: the global shape of pathway programmes is our latest report on the pathways landscape, covering over 2,200 study programmes listed on PreparationCoursesportal that give students access to higher education programmes around the world. The report examines additional programme features, including fees and entry requirements,  while also highlighting some of the key emerging trends.

If you want to learn more about pathway programmes, you can look to our full report to gain  a better insight into this newly emerging market, and view better explanations of the following topics: :

  • What is a pathway programme?
  • Which subjects do students choose?
  • What are the entry requirements?
  • What qualifications do students get?
  • How much do programmes cost?
  • How many programmes are there worldwide?
  • Who provides these programmes?
  • Where are the programmes located?
  • What is the global value of the market?
  • How do pathway programmes benefit universities?
  • Future trends in pathway programmes market.
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