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The Importance of Student Segmentation


[REPORT] University budgets are getting tighter, executives want justification on their investments and with increased competition in international student recruitment, segmentation is getting more and more important.

To increase the effectiveness of budgets, university marketers and recruiters are experiencing an increasing need to target prospective students more precisely.

What does the data of 29 million students tell us?

Each year, about 29 million students use Studyportals to find a study programme abroad and the generated data has proven to be an accurate reflection and projection of the higher education market. Visualising this data in our Student Interest Dashboard provides universities insights on topics as:

  • What are the study disciplines that students are most interested in?
  • How is the interest for study disciplines distributed among different countries?
  • What are the top favoured countries for studying a particular discipline?

New: ‘Cities Dashboard’

For many universities, just looking at students by country of origin is not sufficient anymore. They need to target students by region, or even by city, especially in big countries such as India. Now, we’ve built a dashboard based on cities of destination and cities of origin, providing universities with very useful insights that can help them segment and target students better for specific study programmes.

Watch how The University of Nottingham uses the Studyportals Dashboard

Apart from gaining data insights that enables them to target students more precisely, they also saw how the decision to leave the EU is impacting student enrolments.

Download the case: interest in Master’s programmes in the UK and London

To give a better idea about the data and insights that our Cities Dashboard can provide, we’ve written a report which includes a case that maps the interest for Master’s programmes in the UK and London. The case clearly shows that the interest can strongly differ per country – and even per city. Having such data enables to promote your study programmes to the right students.

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