‘It’s all there for the eyes that can see.’


Adriana Ciobanu

Job summary/responsibilities:

Adriana’s job covers designing, writing and editing content for web-pages as well keeping them up to date.

General introduction/background:

Adriana is passionate about art and coding, she learned web design on her own, later finishing a short course in the field. After 3 years of working in the game industry, she joined Studyportals for a new and fresh start as a Data Processing Specialist, later changing her role to a Web Designer.

Key challenge:

The key challenge is to create quality designs, a learning process that never ends. While not designing, content must be written and edited as impeccable as possible, leaving no room for errors.

Personal Goal:

Her personal goal is to be as creative as possible, getting better each day at arts, writing and coding as well as becoming a better person.

Favourite activities:

Writing, drawing, painting, video games, playing electric guitar and bass guitar, web design, coding