‘Knowledge is power’

Francis Bacon

Alexandra Hutusoru

Job summary/responsibilities

Online promotional campaign implementation, monitoring and optimization, as well as explaining the results to the client.
Constantly collaborating with the regional sales teams to ensure client satisfaction.
Developing lasting relationships with the university representatives to better fulfill their marketing needs for student recruitment.
Using specific tools to manage the daily workload.

General introduction/background 

Alexandra has a diploma in the field of Law and Administration and one of the most important projects she managed was about Citizenship. She studied English and French for the most of her life. After graduation she worked as casting agent for more than 3 years, where she acknowledged what happens behind the scenes of movies production and advertisement, and also learning from the diversity of people she worked with, which made her fascinated by the cultural differences and how they affect communication between people.

Key challenge

To make students and universities connect at an international level, while maintaining a friendly, but at the same time, a professional relationship with our clients.

Favourite activites

Starting new projects for self improvement, traveling to meet new people and reading is what feeds her desire of knowledge.