‘’If the people really set their minds on anything it is impossible to prevent their getting what they want’’

Henry Ford

Alexandru Croitoru

Job summary/responsibilities:

As a Junior Campaign Manager my responsibilities include the implementation of campaigns and monitoring of data to ensure that said campaigns deliver value to our clients. This is the main challenge and implies many other activities such as keeping in contact with them and offer support whenever they need.

General introduction/background:

Alexandru started studying Geography at the University of Bucharest, but dropped out because he didn’t feel that it will fulfil his goals. After, he decided to go further with his passion for calculus and statistics, which he gained in his economic profile high-school, so now he is studying Financial Management and in the same time, he wants to gain some work experience. He joined the Studyportals to work in the General Data department as a Data Processing Specialist and then he moved to CS Dedicated Data Team to continue his job there. This is where he had the occasion to familiarize with the work of the Campaign Managers and to cooperate with them making him want to be part of their team.

Key challenge:

Proving clients that Studyportals can satisfy all their interests and needs.

Personal Goal:

Alexandru wants to gain experience and learn as much as possible.

Favourite activities:

Alexandru enjoys gaming, sports and attending music festivals, all of this with his friends alongside.