Alexandru Pop

Job summary/responsibilities

Alex is the Senior Content Manager and key member of the SEO Squad of Studyportals. He started working for Studyportals as a Data Entry Specialist in early 2014. Thanks to his passion for writing, he soon advanced to an editor position and later got his own editorial team, dedicated to bringing the best information to students all over the world.

Alex is an expert at finding the information students need to decide on their international studies. He loves answering the questions that stand between them and their dreams. He makes sure this information is presented in a clear and easy-to-comprehend way, keeping articles fresh, accurate, and up to date. A big part of his role is making sure this information reaches the right audience, and offers the exact, trustworthy answers students are looking for.

Mixing fresh ideas with thorough research, Alex draws great satisfaction from the creative process of writing good copy. He is a firm believer that change can happen only through self-knowledge and tries to do his part in making education options more accessible worldwide.

Thanks to the projects Alex was involved in, he has extensive knowledge on student visas information, work permits, Business & Engineering studies, student life and costs in global cities, academic credit systems and university application requirements. So, you could say he knows a thing or two about finding the best information for students.

General Background

Alexandru has a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Psychology. While pursuing his Bachelor’s, he fell in love with the works of C.G. Jung and after graduating, he started his training in Analytic Psychology. Now, he has his own private practice in Jungian psychotherapy on top of the editorial work he does for Studyportals.

In addition to his passion for Psychology, Alex loves global History, Mythology and anything to do with ancient cultures.

Alex was involved in translation projects for psychology books and writing easy-to-comprehend lessons for secondary school children. He has also worked as a volunteer offering emotional assistance to children through play therapy – an experience that had a great impact on his personal development.

Favourite activities

Alex enjoys quality time with close friends and a meaningful heartfelt conversation. He loves a well-told story, Sci Fi novels, and is a great fan of animations and pop-culture. He engages in creative activities such as drawing, clay modelling and painting miniatures. He will not turn down an invitation to play a good board game, either.