‘I think, therefore I am… I think.’

George Carlin

Andreea Chirica

Job summary/responsibilities:

Andreea started as a Data Processing Specialist and in November 2017 she became a Data Team Leader. Her responsibilities include: coordinating a team of ‘Smooth Ninjas’, delegating tasks and setting deadlines, monitoring team performance and reporting efficiency, creating banners and building landing pages.

General introduction/background: 

Andreea has always been interested in finding more about people’s personalities and mental health issues, which is why she chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a two-year formative degree in Unifying Experiential Psychotherapy.

Key challenge: 

Her goal is to constantly evolve by learning and gaining experience, while enjoying the friendly environment at Studyportals.

Favourite Listed Programme:

M.A. Media Scoring (The City University of New York)

Favourite activities:

You can find Andreea either travelling and enjoying outdoorsy activities or staying in all weekend, watching Netflix series and cooking.