Arthur Torsy

Job summary/responsibilities

In my job I have the responsibility and joy to be responsible for the growth of Studyportals, particularly through accelerating the awareness of all those that are involved in the decision-making process of International Study Choice. That includes universities, students as well as others that are involved.

I do find it important that we help making the elements that influence the choice for a study, country and university transparent for students. I admire people who take the bold decision to move to other countries and I really want to help them find the right place so that they can develop themselves in the best possible way, for themselves but also for making this world a better place.

General introduction/background

When I was a student I studied Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and I was in an exchange program with Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and this I enjoyed very much. Getting to learn another culture and another language has proven to be of high value during my career.

Key Challenge

I see the key challenge to be changing the world of International Study Choice to be more digitized as quickly as possible. In this way the choice will be more transparent, and both universities and students are helped in a better way.

Favorite Studyportals element/experience

My favorite Studyportals element/experience is to be able to work with many different people from many different countries. Many of my colleagues followed the same path as the students we help, will hopefully follow as well. The journey consists of going abroad, studying, making friends and then even working in a challenging environment in that country building a very strong cv which will form the basis of a life full of opportunities.