“Good Design is innovative. It does not copy existing product forms, nor does it produce any kind of novelty for the sake of it. The essence of innovation must be clearly seen in all functions of a product. The possibilities in this respect are by no means exhausted. Technological development keeps offering new chances for innovative solutions”.

– Dieter Rams (from 10 design commandments)

Berkay Taskin

Berkay represents the eyes, the ears, the voice, and the emotions of our users. He is an ambitious UX Designer who aims to have a fine balance in his technical, business, and design skills. His background in interaction design, service design and computer engineering enables him to understand how users interact with services, how organizations can provide such services and how technology can enhance these interactions.

After growing up in different cities in Turkey, he lived abroad in Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands during his Erasmus and masters studies. These experiences completely changed the way he sees the world due to the wealth they offered in terms of knowledge, culture, and fun. He chose to work at Studyportals to help millions of students make more informed decisions so that he can play a role in changing the way they see the world.

Key challenge

The students go through phases such as awareness, exploration, application, studying, and graduation. This process involves various channels and tools which may be online or offline. Designing for harmony among these digital and physical experiences is his key challenge to tackle at Studyportals.

Personal goal

Berkay mentions that it can be challenging not to become product oriented for the individuals and the organizations. He defines his lifelong personal goal as always staying relevant to the users and creating user-obsessed designs during his career.