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Bogdan Ionut Petrache

Job summary/responsibilities 

Bogdan has joined Studyportals mid September 2019. He is cautiously checking and updating our programs for students all over the world for them to find the appropriate and exact information on our browser. He always enjoys having something to do, being constantly driven by the pleasure of having responsibilities and something to work on.

General introduction/background

Bogdan is currently studying Management & Marketing at the Romanian American University from Bucharest and is striking to master a degree in marketing and obtain as much knowledge as he can.

Key challenge 

His main challenge for the years to come is to maintain a constant growth rate in both work and personal life. He thinks personal development is the key to success and he is always trying to educate himself and others.

Personal Goal

Bogdan aims for efficiency in whatever he does.

Favourite activities

I love any outdoor activities. I like football, handball, fishing, hiking, running.