We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.

John Naisbitt


Carmen Neghina

Since she loves data, analytics and communication, she is merging her passion for research with the desire to help students follow their dream of studying abroad. Carmen is the intelligence guardian of Studyportals: she makes sure we gain valuable knowledge about the students visiting our website, their background, interests and motivations and keeps track of trends in internationalization and student mobility.

She is familiar with the challenges and opportunities in international higher education, having studied in Romania, Germany and the Netherlands. Carmen has a Bachelor of International Communication Management from the International University in Germany, and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from the Radboud University in the Netherlands. During her PhD at the Open University in the Netherlands, she found a real passion for research, and explored the role of collaboration and value co-creation in developing better services together with consumers. She has a strong quantitative research background and is always interested in using data to generate insights.

Key challenge

In the long term, Carmen’s goal is to establish Studyportals as a thought leader in higher education, and develop a strong intelligence unit we can leverage to deliver insights to our partners and help them better understand what motivates students to choose their programs. Her vision is that universities will look at Studyportals to help them better understand today’s international student market, student motivations, priorities, interests and desires.

Favorite activities

When she is not analyzing data or writing reports, Carmen likes to travel, rock climb, lindy-hop, and blog.