Cristian Bolbocean

Job summary/responsibilities

During the Business Development internship, Cristian will be primarily responsible for assisting the business development team in their sales activities by providing administrative support. Besides, he will conduct market research to find out possible opportunities for improving Studyportal services and will help to generate leads.


General introduction/background

Cristian originally comes from Moldova. Currently, he is lives in Rotterdam and follows the International Business program at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. He has a diverse culture and professional background gained through working in many different countries including Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Romania.

Personal Goal

Cristian is an ambitious and highly motivated business student with a goal to make the world a better place to live in and ultimately open and develop his own company in a sustainable field that requires improvement.


Favourite Studyportals element/experience

Without a doubt, it is possible to consider company culture the best element of working at Studyportals. Its dynamic and supportive atmosphere creates a comfortable environment for productive work.


Favourite activities

Cristian is a true travel lover, who mostly enjoys exploring the nature beauty of our planet. He is an experienced hiker and at the same time professional photographer who loves to visualize his and other memories. Besides this, he enjoys playing the guitar and being a part of his musician group.