“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” 

Oscar Wilde

Diana Naneva

Job summary/responsibilities

As an intern in the Community marketing department, Diana will be responsible for activities such as emailing, social media management, video content, and storyboard creation, branding campaigns and writing articles.

General introduction/background

Diana graduated from an English language high school in Bulgaria in 2018. She has always seen herself studying and living abroad, as she strives to immerse herself into an international environment where she can improve her creativity and adaptability and get to know different people and cultures. She is currently doing Bachelor of Arts in Communication at HAN University. The reason for her to choose these studies is because she enjoys the creative side of Marketing where she can improve communication in an engaging and interactive way. She also did a minor at Saxion University, learning more about Visualization and Content creation in the area of Marketing.

Key challenge

Diana’s biggest challenge will be to learn to work with people with much more experience than her, use the feedback they give her to improve her work, and multitask. Another big challenge for her will be to get to know the culture and way of communication of the company through online interaction with the teams.

Favourite activities

What Diana enjoys the most is reading books. She’s been writing her own Fantasy book series on Wattpad for the past few years and she wants to continue writing and publish her books one day. She also enjoys acrylic and watercolour landscape painting. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and engage herself into as many activities and events as possible, so that she can meet new people.