“Treat others as you want to be treated”. Luke 6:31

Dominique Yani

General Introduction

Dominique Yani is originally from Cameroon located in the center of Africa. In 2009, she came into the Netherlands as international student at Fontys Applied Sciences where she followed a Bachelor program in international business and management studies. She joined the Studyportals team in September 2019 to work in the University Success Team EMEA as Account Advisor Campaigns for the French speaking regions.  

Key motivation

Dominique’s key motivation is to give to students the possibility to make the best choice for their education and the possibility to expand their horizons.

What I like about Studyportals

The fact that Studyportals connects international students with the best worldwide universities that best fit their profile. Moreover, Dominique enjoys working with people from different countries inside the company as well as with clients from all over the world.

Favourite Activities

During her free time, Dominique works on a Farm project to support and help local farmers from her country from origin. The project consists of helping farmers to better manage their farms through an online farm platform. Besides that, she likes to bake and make cakes design, she finds it relaxing and fun at the same time.

Favourite Listed Programme

Dominique is fascinated with how Data analytics is changing every day and how is it helping business to understand their market and help them to grow faster. Dominique’s dream is to own a bakery with an online bakery shop. Cakes, and pastries are specific because of the limited shelf life. This means the planning and forecasting are crucial in order to maintain the small balance between overstock and missed sales. Data analytics can give the right answer: seasonal behavior, newly forming trends and flavours which can deliver accurate sales forecast with accuracy exceeding 95%. So, definitely further studies in Data analytics courses is on top of Dominique’s favourite listed programme.