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Fay Teo

Job summary/responsibilities 

Empathies with the users, find out the real issue, study their needs, understanding the feeling they get while using the product and solve it with discerning strategic communication, design and research.

General introduction/background 

With a background of brand design/advertising and film making, Fay’s work  involves a lot in digital/physical user experience design across various field of art and design in the recent years. She is particularly interested in strategic visual narrative. Originally from Borneo, Malaysia, raised in multilingual and multicultural environments and Fay has been living in multiple cities, all of which influenced and shaped my design thinking and works.

Key challenge

Create tool that makes right impact. 

Favourite activities

When She is not working on projects, She likes to spend her days to discover traditional/new ways of making things. A traveler, foodie & nature lover.