François Eijgelshoven

Job summary/responsibilities

Studyportals has the goal to create and maintain partnerships with both students and universities. We want to service and attract students globally during their journey to find the right programs and courses, while for universities we want to be the undisputed number one in bringing them diversity and top talent for many years. Demystifying and transforming the more traditional ways of recruitment into future-proof digital recruitment resulting in high value partnerships and strategies for universities is François’ key objective.

General introduction/background

François was educated in Industrial Engineering and Management Science where he specialized in International Distribution and Logistics. As part of his Masters he executed his practical training in China and completed his final thesis in the US. After having worked for IBM for several years, he held several  leadership positions in a market leading software company for supply chain optimization called Quintiq – Dassault Systèmes.

Key challenge

François is fully determined to reach Studyportals’ ultimate ambition to make study-choice transparent globally. Ensuring Studyportals can deliver the best value-for-money for Universities, but also ensuring technology and community-thinking really makes the world a better place for generations to come.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

It is so rewarding to work for a truly global company with so many talented people. The sky is NOT the limit and #seriousaboutfun equals the DNA of Studyportals. It keeps us going and determined to complete our mission.