Frank Kluijtmans

Job summary/responsibility

As a front-end developer I’m responsible for developing the interactive layer on top of all the back-end logic and data. I make sure users get a pleasant experience while browsing any of the portals. At this moment I’m still not completely sure on which part of the product I’m going to focus, but I’m excited to find out in the coming time.

General introduction/background

My name is Frank Kluijtmans. I’m 25 years and come from Oisterwijk (near Tilburg). I studied Communication & Multimedia Design in Breda after which I moved to Eindhoven to start my career in engineering/webdevelopment. 

Key challenge

In engineering you never finish your personal development. My key challenge not only to keep up, but get ahead.

Favorite activities

Front-end development (My job is also my hobby), brewing beer, winter sports, formula 1, playing the guitar, traveling and visiting music festivals across Europe.