‘’ The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.’

– Harry Golden

Gabriela-Elena Bosoiu

Job summary/responsibilities

Gabriela’s main responsibilities are:  monitoring and implementing promotional campaigns, enrollment data qualification and verification together with the partnerships team lead, programme content quality control, ensure timely invoicing by communicating with clients.

General introduction/background  

Gabriela is currently a 3rd year international business student in Groningen. She has been volunteering for the entire high school period for the County Directorate for Sport and Youth in her hometown in Romania. Two of her main affinities are research and sustainability. She is very enthusiast about the opportunity to work in such an international environment and that she joined Studyportals’ mission.

Key challenge

Making the most of the first work experience, she has related to her study by providing good work ethic and a positive attitude 🙂

Personal Goal

Gabriela’s goal is to be the best version of herself. – whether it comes to health, mindset, relations with others. As well as embracing the unknown with less fear.