Ignas Kybransas

Job summary/responsibilities

Help out people in office with IT related problems (fix the software/hardware issues that people might end up with). Maintain and repair broken/unused laptops, prepare them for newcomers. Create FAQ files with most common problems that people can occur.

General introduction/background

Since Ignas was around 10 years old, he always had a passion for new technologies, new devices and the curiosity of how everything works inside. In high school he was always repairing his friends\family computers, maintaining them and also learning at the same time. That’s why after high school he got a job as IT Equipment Manager where he was fixing computers and helping customers with all kind of IT related problems. That was when he understood that he wants to pursue his career with IT, which is why he chose to study ICT & Software Engineering in Fontys a little more than 2 years ago and been living in Netherlands since then.

Key challenge

Ignas’ key challenge would be to create a video game for android device, that would not only be fun to play but could also teach people about the environment in our planet.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

In the Studyportals he likes the friendliness in all colleagues, when you don’t know something – you are always free to ask and wait for an answer with smile. Everyone is helpful and especially when you are new they make you feel relaxed.

Favourite activities

As you might imagine his favourite activities will also be more tech related, however he will not talk about them over here. Besides technologies he likes to collect old-school lenses for cameras, adapt them to newer cameras and do some photography. He also likes jogging, playing basketball and travel around the world.