“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly” 

Frida Kahlo. 

Isabela Santa Roza dos Santos

Job summary/responsibilities

As the Marketing Manager, she is responsible for putting in action a marketing plan for Studyportals, via marketing campaigns and result-based analysis, keeping in mind new trends and ideas to improve our presence and brand awareness. She assists in partnerships and practicalities of conferences and events from, and for, Studyportals. In addition, the marketing materials e.g. newsletter, landing pages, brochures and case studies, as well as the social media management and strategy.  

General introduction/background

Isabela is originally from Brazil but has been living in the Netherlands for almost 5 years.

She has a BA in Adverting and Media and a MSc in New Media Design from Tilburg University.

In her spare time she loves to read, travel and connect with people from different cultures.

Key challenge

Put knowledge to practice while learning and developing my creativity and expertise.

Personal Goal

Meeting Michelle Obama