An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Jessica Ben Alaya

Job summary/responsibilities

She will be supporting on campaigns for the NA market following up with implementation process, monitoring and optimization of the campaigns.

General introduction/background

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela (being half Venezuelan and half Tunisian). She is 20 years old and currently studying her 5th semester in International Business at TEC de Monterrey in the city of Monterrey.

She has been living outside her country for over five years now: the first year in the state of Maine in the US where she studied her Sophomore year of High School. Then moved two years to Buenos Aires Argentina, where she finished her high school career. Then moved to Mexico City and started her International Business studies in TEC de Monterrey; and finally, moved to Monterrey where she is currently continuing her studies and now joining the Studyportals team.

Key challenge

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity”, Studyportals has made the decision to act towards a transparent education for everyone, and this is the biggest challenge, keeping up to date with all the educational opportunities the world has to offer everyone. As a student herself, another challenge she will be encountering will be giving her perspective as a student.  To be able to implement that on her work and her new ideas brought to the team.

Personal Goal

Her personal goal is to be a successful and happy woman personally, professionally and mentally.

Favorite activities

Jessica loves to travel with family and friends while enjoying the culinary greatness of each place she visits, dancing contemporary, flamenco and belly dance and cooking many types of food.