Make our world a little bit better. 

Jesús Lopez

Job summary:

Jesús is now joining the team as a Business Developer for the North American region. I’ll be teaming up with the North America Business team, focus on the initiation and development of solid relationships with many of the best Institutions around the US. With the clear objective on helping them to better understand our products capabilities and usage. Having said that, part of Jesus daily activities would be focus in commercial and growth aspects, such as prospecting and looking to stablish solid relationships with the main decisions makers inside the different institutions as well of closing deals. Also, his desire on been a solid asset on helping the team to grow our presence around the territory, as well as helping on the refining process of our strategy throughout time.

General Introduction / Background:

Jesús is a guy that believes in the importance on conciseness around what everyone does in their lives, both individually and collectively. With a clear intention on making our world a little bit better with each action we made as a collaborative society. For Jesus education and interconnectivity around our mother societies are both some of the main and most important pillars behind this believe. The academic background of Jesus has been always distinguishing by the desire of getting to know more about our global reality, very curious an always summing knowledge throughout different inputs, that’s mainly why he studied International Relations in the University of Monterrey. Professionally, Jesus had the opportunity to start working in Mexico at a young age combining working with learning and studying at the same time. On the last four years Jesus has been working always in technology companies with growth and commercial roles.

Key Challenge and Personal Goal:

Jesus wants to consolidate himself as a solid asset in the commercial Team for North America, making many new deals for our region from the start of my journey with Studyportals. And I really looking to stay around for many times.