Joos Huys

Job summary/responsibilities:

Working on the front end of the portal(s), aimed at providing students with the right information for choosing a study that is a best fit for them.

General introduction/background:

Joos studied Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he developed a passion for design and programming. In the one and a half year that followed he worked together with fellow ID graduates on a start-up, where he further specified his skillset on web development. He especially enjoyed developing things, but the marketing and acquisition side of entrepreneurship suited him less. This realisation brought him to Studyportals where he can focus on what he likes to do most.

Key challenge:

Creating a memorable user experience for students, which is engaging and informative, by developing straightforward, easy-to-use, slick web content.

Personal Goal:

Joos wants to broaden his front end skillset with all kinds of pro tools & tricks, and learn to code more professionally.

Favourite activities:

Most evenings Joos can be found at the Student Sport Centre playing basketball, playing squash, or doing fitness. Furthermore, he enjoys hanging out with friends at home or around the city centre somewhere where the music isn’t too loud to have a good conversation.