Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Joran van Aart

Joran is the CGO of Studyportals, leading its worldwide operations in its aim to make education choice transparent globally.

Having lived and studied abroad in different countries, Joran is motivated to help others in having the same life-changing experience. After all, international education enriches lives and connects our world.

Joran holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Design. This education experience shaped his belief that the user should always be at the core of any organisation. Be completely focused on the user, design the best products, and make the lives of these users a little better. This holds true for Studyportals just as well: through being the best for students, students can find and choose an institute that precisely matches their dreams and their background. This eventually increases the quality of their education experience, benefiting both students and institutes.

Previously, Joran worked at a premier design firm in Melbourne, Australia, where he designed the Sippra reusable water bottle which is patented worldwide. It reduces the need for buying bottled water and thus reduces plastic waste and unnecessary fuel consumption for transporting this water. Fun fact: his invention was featured in The Hunger Games.

Joran joined Studyportals in 2009 (when Studyportals consisted of just 8 amazing people) and led many product innovation projects, often supported by the European Commission, including platforms to find and compare scholarships, student reviews, language learning courses, foundation programmes, and online degrees.