José Lammers

Job summary/responsibilities

Working on the visual part of the UniversityAdmin tool our clients and our colleagues use to set up campaigns.

General introduction/background

José worked for an online marketing agency before starting with Studyportals. Now, she wants to focus on engineering rather than marketing. However, experience always helps you grow! And in this case it made for valuable experience when working together with colleagues from our marketing departments.

Key challenge

Simplifying all the options clients have to set up a campaign. We have a lot of possibilities in our UniversityAdmin system that can help you. By making the right information visible (and invisible) I hope it can be very clear how the campaign can be improved upon. 

Personal Goal

To learn how to test our products to make sure we always publish a stable tool. It can be a challenge to redesign such a big product as UniversityAdmin and make sure we test all the possibilities: for our clients, for our colleagues and for our students!

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

In my first week at Studyportals I immediately had the chance to be a part of a design sprint. This is a quick process where we design a prototype and user test this within one week. It was a fast paced week together with my new colleagues and it taught me so much about our product and our users in a very short time.