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Kimiya Maghsoodi

Job summary/responsibilities

As a UX Design Intern, her primary role is to assist the UX design team in creating user-centered design solutions for students worldwide. To achieve this goal, she conducts user research, collaborates with the design team and product owners, creates wireframes and prototypes, and participates in design reviews and feedback sessions to refine designs and ensure they meet user needs and project goals.

General introduction/background

Kimiya is originally from Iran and moved to the Netherlands in 2021. She has a master degree in graphic design and is finishing her studies in Creative Media and Game Technologies at Saxion university.
She has experience working as a graphic designer. She has been mainly focused on brand identity, social media, digital art, and packaging. However, she wants to shift her focus to UI and UX design and create solutions to users’ problems.
She also has a decade of experience in teaching art at primary school. This experience has helped her think of solutions creatively and act quickly in unexpected situations. She needed to be empathetic and understanding of her students’ needs, which helps her put herself in the shoe of the user and understand their needs, goals, and behaviours as a UX designer.

Key challenge

While graphic design is focused on creating visually appealing designs, UX design is focused on designing products and services that meet the target audience’s needs. Her main challenge is collaborating with cross-functional teams and balancing visual design and usability.

Favourite activities

Playing piano, cooking, traveling and getting lost in new cities, painting and crafting