If we don’t turn over every stone, then who will?

Laura Hendriks

Job summary/responsibilities

As a Search Engine Optimization specialist Laura is responsible for driving organic traffic to the portal(s). This is done by focusing on and balancing between the three SEO pillars: Content, Linkbuilding and Tech SEO. The main aim is to make sure that people using search engines looking for international study opportunities, find what they are looking for at our portal(s).

General introduction/background

Laura studied International Communication and Media in Utrecht, The Netherlands with some external adventures in South-Korea, Australia and Canada. Laura likes to not just travel, but also live in other parts of the world to be able to meet different people from different cultures, because she believes it enriches you as a person and makes you grow.

Key challenge

Make our portal(s) the number 1 go to place online when people search for international study experiences.

Favourite activities

Laura likes playing handball, go skiing, writing and travelling as much as she can.