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Laurens Vehmeijer

Job and background

Laurens joined Studyportals in January 2016 as the first fulltime member of the, then new, Analytics and Consulting Team. His responsibilities include providing higher education institutions with a variety of consulting services, such as marketing and recruitment strategies, CRM consulting, market research and training.

He has a BSc in Biology, an MSc in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences as well as an MSc in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University. During his many scientific internships and projects he took every opportunity to do applied work for various companies and other organisations. He also worked as a consultant at De Kleine Consultant, a non-profit student strategy firm for SMEs, during his education.

Key challenge

Laurens’ ambition is to apply his creative, analytical and problem-solving skills in a stimulating and challenging environment to provide clients with valuable insights and solutions that they can actually apply to further their goals. He loves brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas for almost any problem.

Favourite Studyportals experience

Studyportals is a young and dynamic company with a diverse team whose drive and passion are almost palpable. The people and the atmosphere in the offices are incredibly energizing and motivating.

Favourite activities

He is interested in basically everything, even the most esoteric or weirdest subjects. Laurens loves learning, reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, discussing, creating, brainstorming and traveling.