Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Martin Fowler

Lindy Hutz

Job summary / responsibilities

I build and maintain the underlying software processes that are responsible for the retrieval, manipulation and output of data that is relevant for clients of Studyportals.

General introduction / background

After high school I started studying pedagogics but quit after 10 weeks; it was just too theoretical for me. So when looking for a new study, I asked my older brother to tell me a bit more about his study ICT. I’ve always liked math and physics in high school, but I never really liked Computer Sciences but I guess that had more to do with the teacher then with the subject itself.
My brother enthusiastically began explaining what his study entailed and his enthusiasm was contagious. I quickly planned an orientation visit and after that enrolled into the programme at Fontys.
I’ve worked for 2½ years with an internet agency before joining Studyportals in March, 2018 as a Back-end Engineer.

Key challenge

Making software that helps students with finding their ultimate education experience and by doing so making the world a little smarter.

Favorite activities

In my free time I like to read / listen to a book, go horse riding, cook and watch Netflix.