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Luna Erica

Job Summary/Responsibilities
As an intern in the Student Marketing team, Luna works on emailing, social media, branding, and anything else the team needs an extra set of hands for. She has also been busy finalizing the 2020 International Distinction Awards and will be preparing for its 2021 edition.

General introduction/background
After seventeen years of growing up in Eindhoven, Luna ran off to Middelburg to obtain a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in English linguistics, literature and rhetoric (including courses in creative writing and journalism). She spent six months in Australia for her studies, learning about its culture and broadening her studies, and, of course, traveling around its special environment.

Now, back in her hometown to intern with Studyportals, she hopes to funnel the skills she gathered in university and outside of it into a great work experience. Although her passions will always lie with writing, she would love to do a master’s programme in anthropology in the future, combining her marketing, writing, and cultural knowledge to write and publish ethnographies.

Key challenge
Luna’s main challenge will be to focus all the creativity from her studies and extracurriculars into the marketing campaigns she’s working on. Because she has no formal background in marketing but a large one in research, the real challenge will not be to learn about how the marketing world works, but to translate its theory into practice.

Favourite activities
Outside of work, Luna spends most of her time playing the guitar, visiting friends, reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, binging Netflix, and, most of all, teaching herself a whole range of random skills that she’ll probably never master (e.g. playing the piano; using Excel properly; paving the driveway to her parents’ house). She also uses her off time – if she has any left after all that – by doing academic research and transcribing interviews part-time.