“That’s what we storytellers do.

We restore order with imagination.

We instill hope again and again and again.”

Maria Bogdanova

Job summary/responsibilities

As a Digital Marketing intern, Maria will be responsible for social media management (including photo and video content creation), relevant research on how to improve the company’s presence online, writing articles, and influencer marketing on social media. Additionally, she will assist the Marketing team in various marketing campaigns and projects.

General introduction/background

Maria comes from Sofia, Bulgaria and is currently following the Creative Business program in Breda, The Netherlands. She has always been fascinated by different languages, which is why she graduated from a high school, which specializes in German and Russian as foreign languages. She’s always learning something new, the current main language for her being Dutch. Another area of interest for Maria is media creation, which she also focuses a lot on in her studies at Breda. Writing, shooting and (video) editing are all storytelling techniques she truly enjoys, practices, and is always eager to learn more about.

Key challenge

Maria’s key challenge will be to bring something new and valuable to the company, while also staying on track with the rest of her responsibilities as an intern. She wants to do more than what’s expected of her, however that can only happen once she’s mastered the regular tasks she has.

Favorite Studyportals element/experience

Maria loves the cultural diversity within Studyportals. As a language/different cultures lover, she finds it incredibly inspiring to work along so many different people, while sharing the same work-related goals. 

Favorite activities

Learning new languages, writing stories, taking photos, video/photo editing and reading are some of the main activities Maria enjoys most of all. Of course, she also enjoys the occasional binge-watching of different series.