Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. 

Chinese Proverb

Maria Sandmark

Job summary/responsibilities  

Account Management, developing business and reaching goals in student recruitment on a global level together with Universities in the UK-IE region.

General introduction/background 

Maria is from Sweden, she has been living in France and Spain for many years, but has now found her home in the Netherlands since the summer of 2020. Maria has worked in the field of higher education since 2014. During these years her work has included education management, business development, B2B and operations management.  She has been a mentor for international students relocating in Sweden as well as a career advisor and a life coach. Earlier in life Maria has worked in the automotive industry as well as in the Swedish aerospace and defense industry with customer logistics and purchasing. Maria is passionate about learning, creating good business relations in order to find opportunities and reaching targets together with colleagues and business partners. 

Key challenge

My key challenge is to learn as much as possible every day and to stay in tune with the rapidly changing times around us. My goal is to be able to give the best advice possible for the customer and grow together with them. In order to do so, I think that the biggest challenge of today might be to know when to embrace change.