Mike Pavlakis

Mike joined Studyportals on May 2015 as a Junior Community and Website Quality Manager in order to help with the automation of web testing. He also works on the email marketing trying to present more relevant and personalized information to users.

General Introduction/background

Mike comes from Greece where he completed his Bachelor degree in Informatics and Telecommunications and worked for Miele and Vodafone. However, he always wanted to live abroad and therefore chose to move to Eindhoven where he completed his Master degree in Human Technology Interaction at Eindhoven University of Technology. Having used Studyportals in order to find his Master program, he fully appreciated how valuable its contribution is in such an important decision. Moreover, having experienced studying in another country he is able to suggest “go for it!”.

Personal Goal

His goal is to contribute in a better world which aligns perfect with the company values. Through education, people can expand their horizons and develop further in order to achieve amazing accomplishments. Helping people to choose the studies they want, is helping people be happier and that is what makes Mike happy.

Favorite Activities

Regarding his interests, he is a big fan of football and reports honored to see the team where Romario, Robben and Ronaldo played once. He celebrated the championship of 2014-2015 next to Memphis Depay and you can see him in the Philips Stadium each time PSV has a football match. He also likes playing tennis but since he moved to the Netherlands he learned how to play squash too.