Patrik Viitala

Job summary/responsibilities:

Patrik’s job consists of various activities related to recruitment such as the sourcing and screening of candidates, coordinating interviews, communicating with candidates and hiring managers, tracking applicants and creating content for Studyportals’ social media accounts.

General introduction/background:

Patrik was born in a small Finnish town called Kemi, which boasts its yearly built snow castle as its most popular tourist attraction. As he grew older, Patrik felt that the humble streets of Kemi were not enough for his big dreams and thus he relocated to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, at the age of 18. Originally dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, he did not get into the school he wanted back then despite several attempts. However, his exceptional organizing skills and love of languages led him to study for a multilingual management assistant (BBA) degree during which he went on a student exchange to Belgium. This exchange semester truly ignited Patrik’s interest in different cultures and is one of the reasons he chose to pursue a master’s degree in the Netherlands. While working at Studyportals, he is studying management of cultural diversity at Tilburg University.

Key challenge:

Supporting Studyportals’ rapid growth by finding the future Superheroes of the company.

Favourite Studyportals element:

The diverse environment and the inclusive atmosphere.

Favourite activities:

Gaming and partying