Paulina Ambroziak

 Job summary/responsibilities

Researching the data maturity of different higher education institutions and supporting the ACT team with their activities.


General introduction/background

Paulina is a Marketing Management student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Additionally, she is taking part in the Honours Programme, which allows her to broaden her skills outside the scope of her study. She joined Studyportals in February 2021 to do an internship along with her bachelor’s thesis. Previously, she worked as a marketing assistant with the focus on online advertising, SEO and website improvements.

She comes from Poland but she’s already spent over 4 years in the Netherlands. She enjoys the Dutch weather so much that she even decided to stay here in the future.


Key challenge

Adapting to working fully from home and improving time management.


Personal goal

With an internship with Studyportals, Paulina strives to improve her analytical skills. She is self-motivated to acquire additional skills such as database management, data analysis and visualization. Later on, she wants to obtain a master’s degree in the field of marketing analytics.


Favourite Studyportals element/experience

A warm welcome from the team and the international aspect of the company.


Favourite activities

Paulina enjoys walks in nature, hanging out with her friends and playing chess.