Paulina Ambroziak

 Job summary/responsibilities

Paulina enjoys working on various projects related to market research, reporting, data analysis and data visualisation.

General introduction/background

Paulina Ambroziak has been working part-time as a Marketing Analytics Assistant at Studyportals Analytics and Consulting Team since September 2021. Currently, she is also following a Pre-master programme at Tilburg University, where she wants to further pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing Analytics.

Paulina joined Studyportals ACT already in February 2021, when she did an internship as a part of her graduation thesis. Her research focused on the Data Maturity of Higher Education Institutions around the world. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Personal goal

Paulina strives to improve her analytical skills. She is self-motivated to acquire additional skills such as database management, data analysis and visualization. Later on, she wants to obtain a master’s degree in the field of marketing analytics.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

A warm welcome from the team and the international aspect of the company.

Favourite activities

Paulina enjoys walks in nature, hanging out with her friends and playing chess.