“A chicken is not a chicken, you are the chicken!” – My 9 year old son

Pieter Looijmans

Job summary/responsibilities

As a front-end developer I am responsible for combining UX designs and back-end logic to create a robust and easy to use front-end for our portals.

General introduction/background

I am native “Eindhovenaar”, moved to Utrecht for a couple of years to get my Bachelor of Applied Science and eventually moved back to Eindhoven. After my study I initially worked as an Animal Technician-Research Analyst at Leiden University and the AMC Amsterdam. The Animal Technician part of the job eventually raised to many moral issues so I decided to switch careers and ended up designing and building websites. I’ve been professionally making websites for little over 10 years now and am mostly self-thought.

I live in Eindhoven with my girlfriend, her two kids and our three cats. Outside of work I enjoy drawing (plus various other creative projects), listening to loud music, reading, tattoos and questioning my reality during Zen training.

Key challenge

Leading the field and create the most informative, robust and user friendly website possible. Staying on top of front-end development technology and, most important, understanding the needs of our users.

Personal Goal

Never stop developing and growing on both professional and personal level.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

My favourite parts of Studyportals so far are the great atmosphere and deep rooted passion and conviction to make the world a better place.