Polina Ivannikova

Job summary/responsibilities

Analyse and run marketing campaigns, report the statistics, manage social media and work on the thesis to create a new affiliate marketing campaign.

General Introduction/background

Polina comes from Moscow, Russia and this is her fourth year in the Netherlands. She is in her last year of Bachelor in International business. She is fond of yoga, drawing, reading, traveling and in addition a huge dog lover.

Key Challenge

One of the challenges is to manage her time and combine thesis with her daily work responsibilities.

Personal Goal

To personally contribute to the company with both her graduation project and daily work. She truly wants to create a good impression and to open up her potential. She wants to learn as much as possible and engage in several activities and processes to understand the inside of the business.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience:

Corporate Culture. She loves how united all people who work here are, loves that the team show such high diversity in terms of culture, backgrounds and views. Dynamic, flexible and friendly environment. A pleasant place to work, which makes me feel comfortable and engaged.

Favourite activities

drinking tea and reading a good book, travelling and exploring new, meeting new people and hanging out with my friends, going to the sport centre and playing board games.