Polina Ptashchenko

Job summary/responsibilities

I help Universities diversify classrooms and offer my knowledge and expertise in reaching international student recruitment goals. I do it by advising on online marketing activities, and through promoting Institution’s programmes with Studyportals. I focus on universities and higher education institutions in Benelux, Slovenia, Russia and CIS countries.

General introduction/background

I was excited about gaining international experience since early age, and my passion for languages has been only helping with that. I’m from St Petersburg, Russia, and this beautiful city itself invites you to learn about various cultures through its architecture and artistic history.

After studying for my Bachelor in Dutch Language and Culture in St. Petersburg State University and following an Erasmus programme in Antwerp, Belgium, I moved from my hometown St Petersburg to the Netherlands to pursue my Master of Science degree in Communication- and Information Sciences in Tilburg University.

Living abroad has only made me more curious how our environment shapes our personalities and teaches us to see life from different cultural angles.

I believe that you get to know yourself, people around you and the whole world in its beauty through two things in life: learning and travelling. So why not do both?

I am always enthusiastic about meeting new people from all over the world, expanding the horizons and dreaming big.

Key challenge

Higher Education world is so diverse and exciting! My key challenge is to learn as much as possible about the ambitions and goals of each university I’m dealing with. That helps me to figure out the essential elements for a successful partnership and to tailor my approach to meet the needs of each institution.

Personal Goal

I believe that education, and especially education abroad, is truly one of the best ways of discovering ourselves and the diversity, complexity and beauty of the world we live in. For me, studying abroad was a life-changing and character forming experience. This is why after my graduation, I decided to connect my future with helping others discover and pursue their opportunities to access knowledge and international experience. The most humbling part is that my current job enables me to create more opportunities for universities to attract more talents from all over the world.

Favourite StudyPortals element/experience

As a bachelor’s student, I once decided to look for the most suitable master’s degree opportunities abroad, and eventually I ended up on Mastersportal. After my graduation already in The Netherlands, I started my marketing internship at Studyportals, which led to 2 years at Client Success team and later progressed to the University Value Advisor role. This is how I’ve made a full Studyportals experience circle.

Favourite activities

I love connecting with new people and discovering new places, create music and express myself through dance.